Real user video of burglars, animals, and funny moments caught on the Kuna Smart Security Light

Life with Kuna

One of our happy customers sent us
this video they created of all the
surprising things their Kuna was able
to capture in one day.

Blizzard Aftermath

This Kuna user had some help from
his neighbor clearing snow from his
driveway. After what Kuna captured,
he may reconsider next time!

Wild Boar Sightings?!

Day or night, Kuna captures activity
outside like these wild javelinas
strolling through the neighborhood.

Package Thief Arrested

An Atlanta resident was away from
his phone when a package thief
decided to strike. Luckily, Kuna
caught all the action.

Toledo Criminals Captured

One week after serial criminals were breaking into
surrounding homes, this Toledo resident purchased a Kuna
to protect their home. Sure enough, the criminals came, except
this time they were captured on video.

Siren Wards Unwanted Visitors

A California Kuna user submitted this video of what
could have been a potential burglary. Thanks to Kuna’s 100dB
siren, they were able to scare off these backyard visitors.

Nighttime Mail Thief

A mail thief in Minnesota was captured on
camera with the help of Kuna.
were shared with local authorities.

Unwanted Visitor Deterred

Kuna offers 3 pre-recorded messages
that allow interaction with
visitors no matter how many miles away.

Oh, There's a Camera

A Kuna user submitted what could have been a
potential burglary. With the help of their two Kuna’s
(placed at the front and back of their home) they
deterred these two men from snooping on his property.

Package Thief in Norfolk

A California Kuna user captured this footage of
thieves stealing packages outside of their home.
The video was used in a police investigation.

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